WIS. BOY, 17, Is The Fastest Texter In America

hosted.ap : A 17-year-old boy who says he has "abnormally fast thumbs" has been named the fastest texter in America for the second year in a row.

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Captain Tuttle2144d ago

Kid has a bright future ahead of him :/

KingPin2144d ago

his people skills are on another level

Dowie2144d ago

Technically he has.

He won $50,000 from this tournament and the same from the last tournament he won. He's saving it for college, university.

$100,000 headstart in adult life is pretty damn awesome.

stubbed_out2144d ago

Is there a medal for that?

Brawler2143d ago

No but there is a $50,000 prize jesus

Klonopin2143d ago

I crapped out of my mouth and all I got was a louzy medal.