GameKlip Brings a PS3 Controller to Your Android Games

TechPP writes: Meet GameKlip, a simplistic but interesting component, which links most smartphones to a casual PlayStation controller, acting as a docking station. Made out of strong ABS plastic, the component easily snaps on the DualShock3 controller, providing “a solid mounting platform for your Android phone” and once again showing us how many elements have smartphones replaced during the years.

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thebudgetgamer2116d ago

I was just talking about needing something like this for playin SNES roms.

Yi-Long2116d ago

... this will also be usable on the OUYA (as well as the 360 controller).

AlexMyDG2116d ago

Unfortunately, the linking is done by a 3rd party application so unless they work with OUYA, there is no other way. Or, maybe another app on the market can be found :)

sandman2242115d ago

This would be great for mobile gaming. I'd be interested, but I bought an iPhone 4. Looks like I might have to get a galaxy s3 phone to take advantage of this amazing offer.

GuyThatPlaysGames2115d ago

You don't HAVE TO buy a Galaxy S3. Just be patient. Once it comes out for one, the ones for the other phones will be released.