Facebook reveals it has more than 83 MILLION fake accounts

Dailymail: Facebook revealed today there are now more than 83 million fake users on its social network.
The astonishing figure makes up 8.7% of all Facebook's 995 million active users.

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Crazay2116d ago

Why is this even coming up as some sort of surprise? I know so many people who abandoned their accounts due to boredom or just not caring anymore.

Soldierone2116d ago

The media pretending this is a big surprise because of the stock market crap.....

Lets think about this....EVERY single person I know with a Facebook has at least 2 other ones. Rather it be for their business or simply to talk on things without using their real name. MOST people I know have 4 or more.

SJIND2115d ago

If I were an advertiser on Facebook, I would not be concerned about fake profiles if they aren't claimed as regular "users."