French company trademarks Anonymous logo

TFP: A French company is has filed a trademark for the popular Anonymous logo.

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Speed-Racer1904d ago

Wow, talk about underhanded and cheap. Hope this guy goes bust for being a lazy a**.

fr0sty1903d ago

As if a bunch of hackers give a damn about copyright law... This'll be worth a few laughs.

fatstarr1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

he poked the hive

way to start them up with a cause

*popping popcorn*

this is going to be good.
I dont even know why someone in their right mind would do this.

Speed-Racer1903d ago

I thought for half a second that this guy was working for Apple or something. Seriously crazy to try and patent that logo.

360ICE1902d ago

Well, I say that because it's my opinion, if you must know.

And sure, they're probably gonna take down some website I don't really use or make it really slow or something. I'm not mocking anon or anything, some of their actions are quite interesting, and some of them definitely pretty scary and annoying, but come on; they're not a natural force of vengeance that crushes all injustice on the internet. Besides, that french company will probably not even be granted the trademark. So, yeah. I'm calling overhyped.

Speed-Racer1903d ago

Why do you say that? The fact that they've done this means that Anonymous now can't use it, because the company could press charges against whoever. Good luck finding anon, but the principle still stands.

Crazay1903d ago

Hiiiii-freakin-larious. HAHAH. Anonymous is an annoying bunch of cyber terrorists - I wish they'd just go away.

Sarobi1903d ago

Even if they did just disappear there would be a new group to replace them

Qrphe1903d ago

If they eere to get caught (which some of them have), Anonymous would replace them.

People should know by now Anonymous is no specific group of individuals.

reznik_zerosum1903d ago

being terrorist today is only way to be good guy.

franwex1903d ago

Hahaha! Do they wanna get hacked??

r211903d ago

hahaha maybe they secretly work for Anonymous XD

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