Windows Phone: There’s a Market for That. Isn’t There?

DigitalNoob - Bryan Todd writes:

"A couple months ago, I purchased an HTC Radar 4G and was introduced to the world of Windows Phone OS. Since then, I’ve had a number of interesting conversations regarding the OS. Those who use it seem to love it; those who don’t use it seem to think that Microsoft is out to steal their soul. It’s almost as if they’re thinking ‘How dare they invade my choices of phone operating systems!’ There are very few people I’ve met that are ‘on the fence’ about WP. As interesting as examining and discussing said fence may be, that isn’t what we’re here for today."

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SpinalRemains1382120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Windows phone is in fact awesome.
I use it very often and have come to love it. It is perfectly fluid and very very stable. I have not had a single crash in a years time.

I expect it only to get better with Apollo. I don;t like having to upgrade my device in order to receive it, but nothings perfect in all regards.