Texting overtakes talking in UK, says Ofcom study

BBC : People in the UK are now more likely to text than to make a phone call, according to new research from Ofcom.

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searchbuzz2280d ago

Its true, and we will be analysing the trend on our website very soon.

Soldierone2279d ago

I prefer texting over talking anyday. I hate the people that look down upon it, and I always say "lets just meet in person" and they come up with an excuse. If they say "thats in convenient" then I say "talking on the phone is inconvenient to me"

Honestly people get all mad if I text back while im working or doing something, or if I send a quick reply text while I'm driving. "WHY DONT YOU JUST ANSWER THE PHONE" BECAUSE IM WORKING! Just text me and ill get to it when I have a free second to reply.....

The reason I hate talking on the phone overall though is people want to drag on conversations all the time. Call, get what they need, and then have to talk about how your day was yatta just hang up.

shackdaddy2279d ago

Talking in person>texting>talking on phone

For me at least. I just feel awkward talking to someone when I can't see them. And I also always get long awkward pauses while talking on the phone...