YouTube Releases Face-Blurring Tool for Editing Graphic Footage

Yahoo: To blur faces in a video, you simply go to the Video Enhancements tool and press the "Blur Faces" option. You can preview your video with blurred faces before you press publish and delete the original footage. In the case the editing tool doesn't catch faces due to poor lighting, angles or obstructions, you can keep your video private and never publish the compromising footage.

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fatstarr2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

No hope for the world.

"In a company statement, YouTube sees this as a tool to protect protesters and advocates, as well as the identify of children."

YouTube basically condones violence.
you know its gonna be used for videos of people beating people up.

but on the other hand I can now release countless vids with the face blured. :D

adorie2161d ago

I don'tlike face blurring, but I can see how this could be used for good. Also, does it matter, anyway? If it's some type of Google created algo, then they probably know a way to remove the blur too.

Dicey, especially if the DoJ wants that blur gone.