Women 'deliberately post ugly photos of friends online'

Telegraph: One in four women deliberately puts unflattering photographs of their friends wearing bikinis on social networking websites such as Facebook, according to a new study.

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AgentWhite1929d ago

LOl word describes it all .'' women ''
Despite all such things men will not stop to like women .

searchbuzz1929d ago

Hah, one word, yet can be true.

freakinglogan1929d ago

Why the hell is this on the top of tech spy? I'm starting to lose faith...

SilentNegotiator1929d ago

Why not? It's a look at the psychology behind a major tech phenomenon.

asmith23061929d ago

Agreed, and the results are that people are pretty pathethic for the most part!

searchbuzz1928d ago

I guess it counts as Social Media tech news

Septic1929d ago

Not surprising really.

It's the same mentality of chicks tagging along with their ugly friends at clubs so they look better in comparison to the grenade by their side. Sad but true.

Human Analog1928d ago

Yeah but... What about the ugly ones? Their only choice is to post pictures of their "hot" friends.

dead_eye1928d ago

the ugly one's generally live in denial and think there hot anyway.

AgentWhite1928d ago

what we can say is women women and women

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