Another iPhone 4 goes up in smoke and flames

The Future Post: It’s hot pockets time for Henri Helminen as his 3-month old iPhone 4 overheated and went up in smoke.

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Speed-Racer2237d ago

Where are the Apple fanboys?

Snooki2237d ago

Better sell mine asap!

badz1492237d ago

Almost a pun for me because in my language, "asap" means "smoke" LOL

AgentWhite2236d ago

lol....ya you should after seeing this ;-)

Dday1412237d ago

Just another fine customer of my wholesome pure rich thick creamy Dday Milk. Unfortunately we delivered a batch of raw rotten rancid Dday Milk. And as we all know, rancid Dday Milk can melt the flesh straight off your bones. Seems like it spilled on his cellular device there.

Tzuno2236d ago

yeah yeah buy buy iphone 99 :)))))))))

ziggurcat2236d ago

this seems a little suspect...

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