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ArsTechnica Hands on with Sony's NGP: the system, the games, the size

1715d ago - ArsTechnica: "The past three weeks have been the longest weeks of my life with the PlayStation. I... | Gadgets

Sony NGP Already Knocked Off, But In A Mildly Interesting Way

1744d ago - OHH: Well that didn’t take long did it? Although not released yet, the forums over on CnGBA are b... | Gaming

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

The Three-Horse Race for Mobile Gaming

1775d ago - NextGenRetro: The mobile gaming market is getting crowded, folks. Its no longer a one horse race... | Industry

NGP to hit Europe this year?

1792d ago - Pocket-Lint: Third party licensees insist that NGP will arrive in Europe before Christmas. For... | Gaming

Skyhook brings location-awareness to the Sony NGP, including WiFi-only models

1804d ago - Engadget: The news got a bit overshadowed by some augmented reality demos and a little game calle... | Gadgets

Sony's NGP 'Dead On Arrival' and 3DS 'Gimmicky,' says Neil Young

1807d ago - IndustryGamers: It's becoming increasingly clear that gamers are playing on smartphones more and... | Gaming

Sony's NGP at GDC 2011: more video of the quad-core marvel in action

1807d ago - Engadget: The headline just about says it all -- we've got some new footage (as opposed to what w... | Gaming

Kaz Hirai on the NGP

1834d ago - PS Blog: The day we announced the Next Generation Portable, or NGP, was quite an eventful one. Yo... | Gadgets

Sony PSP2 (NGP) Gameplay Revealed

1835d ago - Sony has just released a new video where they have put together clips from some of the announced... | Gaming

Sony NGP: everything you need to know

1840d ago - TechRadar: It's here! And by "here!" we mean "announced, but not out for months!" After much rum... | Gadgets

Sony PSP vs Sony NGP (PSP2)

1840d ago - Pocket-Lint: The announcement of the Sony Playstation NGP or PSP2, as some are referring to it, l... | Gadgets

Sony's Yoshida On Pricing The NGP

1841d ago - GameInformer - If there's one question that's left echoing through the game-o-sphere following So... | Gadgets

Engadget interview: SCEA's Jack Tretton talks Sony NGP, announces PlayStation Suite for PS3

1841d ago - Engadget: Ever since his candid and humorous E3 2009 Sony keynote introduction -- wherein he than... | Culture
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