Samsung Unveiling New Galaxy S Smartphone on May 3 writes: "Samsung has announced that it will be revealing a new smartphone in the Galaxy S line on May 3 in London. The main reason for using London is due to a big Olympics partnership, which Samsung are hoping will help boost sales for their devices this summer. The announcement comes after an image for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone was supposedly leaked on to the internet."

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fatstarr2431d ago

WOoooo, getting mighty excited now.

gaffyh2431d ago

If it has the specs it is rumoured to have, it blows iPhone out of the water by sheer features. Whether or not that means that people will actually buy it, is a different matter.

Anarki2431d ago

The GS2 blows the iPhone out of the water already...

gaffyh2431d ago

True, but this is supposed to be even better.

fatstarr2430d ago

GS3 is meant to blow Iphone 5 outta the water. its just over kill on the current iphones.

FlameBaitGod2431d ago

I heard the GS3 will make you breakfast :O!!!!