The New iPad Has Disappointingly The Same iPad 2 1 Ghz Processor, Is This Product Just A Gimmick?

Chiphazard: People all around the world wait for companies  to release their next upgraded gadgets models each year so they can move on with their current slow performing gadgets and experience the next generation technology. Where companies like Samsung has been rapidly progressing from single-core to dual-core and now to the speculated quad-core, the same couldn’t be said about Apple as their latest upcoming tablet “The New iPad” features the same 1-Ghz processor that was available in the iPad 2.


The New iPad has the same iPad 2 processor which is 1-GHZ. (My Bad)

Title : The New iPad Has Disappointingly The Same iPad 2 1 Ghz Processor, Is This Product Just A Gimmick ?

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Sobari2566d ago

It's dual-core, retards. Fail much?

kamanashi2566d ago

I wonder if they purposely did that to get views. It would be kinda hard to not get that right.

Kurylo3d2566d ago

ipad 2 was a dual core.. alls they stated is the ipad 3 has the exact same processor. No upgrade.

Kaneda2566d ago

Not exact.. ipad 3 is quad core graphic processing.

Kurylo3d2565d ago

from what people are saying it is not, it is the same exact one from ipad2.

Strongfist362566d ago

It's still 1 GHZ just that there are two of them. He is technically correct.

OCEANGROWNKUSH2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

They should have called it the iPad 2s. Just picked up an iPad 2 for $299 so im not complaining....

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Euthanasia782566d ago

Such an obvious attempt at getting hits on his site. I refuse to go on the link. I wont give them the satisfaction. Its OBVIOUSLY dual core now. OBVIOUSLY. Thats common knowledge, yet this 'SITE' doesn't even know? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Must be some Android fanboys. LOLOLOL.

Kurylo3d2566d ago

ill just go ahead and stick with my quad core android tablet. Lol... ipad 3 has the exact same processor as ipad 2... its amazing how a logo and a brand can totally blind even the most intelligent of people.

If it sounds like your getting ripped off.. chances are ... ur getting ripped off. Apply logic.

wjbjnr2566d ago

The New iPad has the same iPad 2 processor, sorry for the title mistake, the author I guess mistakenly wrote single-core at first (now he has changed). In his post he talked about iPad 2 processor.

Speed-Racer2566d ago

Alright. Misleading title updated to reflect what it really should have.

wjbjnr2566d ago

It turns out that the new iPad is gaining criticism from many top websites!. Simple put, if u have an iPad 2, don't waist money on "The New iPad" !!

The Verge:

For owners of the iPad 2, this isn’t necessarily a slam dunk. While the updated features are boon to the new iPad, it doesn’t offer an experience that is significantly different from the previous version. If your screen never bothered you, and you never wanted a faster cellular connection or a better camera, there’s not a great argument to upgrade (especially considering many of you just shelled out for a new tablet less than a year ago).

USA Today:

If you have an iPad 2, it’s a little harder to justify springing for the latest model now, much as you might want to. Yes, the new screen is spectacular, and 4G and the improved cameras are welcome upgrades. But you would have purchased that iPad 2 much more recently and it may be difficult to plunk down extra cash this soon, unless you have a family member who can inherit your current model.

NY Times:

The new iPad doesn’t introduce anything that we haven’t seen before, either in the iPhone or in rival tablets. There’s no Steve Jobs “one more thing” moment here; Apple just took its white-hot iPad and added the latest screen, battery and cellular technologies

Strange_Evil2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Of course it doesn't make sense for an iPad 2 owner to upgrade. If you were an iPad 2 owner, you should have sold the product a month before the 3 was announced. I myself sold my iPad 2 (32GB Wifi) for 400$ to a relative, so now the new iPad will just cost me around 300$ (am upgrading to 64GB wifi) which is a great deal for me.

As for the reviews, just read all of the reviews from the above site you've posted. They've all said the 'New iPad' is the best tablet in the market. It seals the case for me... The screen itself will rule the roost for sometime.

Here are the reviews from 'Credible' sources if someone wants to check them out...

PS: Don't read it if you are an Android fanboy or an Apple hater... All of them have given it a near perfect score.

Highlife2566d ago

what a waste of $300. what is the true benefit of upgrading not much.

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