An Apple TV With Siri Could Finally Replace Remote Controls


"One of the smaller rumors going around about today's Apple event predicts that Apple will release a new version of its little black set-top box, Apple TV. A sub-rumor suggests that this Apple TV might incorporate Siri, Apple's voice-command Lady of Wonder. Siri on Apple TV could legitimately be the first alternative way to control your TV that isn't actually worse than a black plastic stick with buttons on it."

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C_Menz2573d ago

Would be interesting to have Siri on your TV, much like MS's attempt with Kinect. Wouldn't be for me but im sure many others would love it.

Soldierone2573d ago

I don't think it is the right thing to do. Some of us more quiet people have a hard time telling things like Siri what to do as is. Next thing you know the house is loud, the TV is turned up, and your screaming at Siri to do something.

One thing I'm wondering is would it listen to all conversations and mistakenly change the channel just because of that?