Apple’s 7.85-inch ‘iPad mini’ due later this year, report claims


"Apple is reportedly planning to launch a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet that will enter production during the third quarter this year at the earliest. DigiTimes on Thursday reported that Apple’s scaled-down iPad is already being assembled by the company’s manufacturing partners"

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cyberbob1879d ago

Means its time to get rumors about "iPad mini"

C_Menz1879d ago

Since the iPad3 is releasing in a few days they have to switch to something! I am somewhat surprised if this turns out to be true since it will essentially be a large iphone without the phone part...

Raf1k11878d ago

i.e. a bigger iPod touch which is basically what the iPad is anyway. TBH I don't see the point in a mini iPad.

ChiVoLok01878d ago

It's actually iPad Nano

AgentWhite1878d ago

Well Sad ! Apple thinks of launching anything and within a blink of eye . We have specification flooded on web .

cyberbob1878d ago

yea same in case for Samsung galaxy can check every is showing you rumors about S3 release and specification

SKUD1879d ago

iPad mini?. You mean the iPhone.

badz1491878d ago

it's not a phone. it's just a bigger iPod.

kronicgeek1879d ago

Such experiments will eventually lead to failure. Apple should concentrate on the release and promotion of iPad 3 since they need to make people believe that they are in the market and a lot different from the other new upcoming tablets.

Si-Fly1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

? Oh I get it, when Apple decided to do a mini iPod called the nano that failed, um, the mini mac, that failed too? Err their mini laptop the MacBook of course that failed .... You'd think they would've learnt by now, silly Apple and all their mini failures.

kronicgeek1878d ago

Well i mean that isn't iPhone sufficient instead of iPad mini?

Si-Fly1878d ago

Not really, I'm replacing my iPad 2 with a 3 as soon as they're out however my Fiancée is waiting for the mini iPad before she changes hers, a slightly smaller model will fit better in her handbag apparently! Other companies are offering tablets in varying sizes, why wouldn't apple?

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