PS Vita Press Kit Far Superior To Retail Launch Bundle

TQcast: When I came across this video unboxing of the PS Vita Press Kit, I couldn’t help but think, “why didn’t Sony release this as their retail packaging”. You have to admit, the Press Kit is pretty legit. Video unboxings of both packagings after the break.

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C_Menz2350d ago

Well the press kit obviously looks a lot cooler and more sophisticated since it is for the press to evaluate, judge, and learn all about it. However it isn't as consumer friendly since it doesn't have much room for additional items seen in the consumer unboxing.

One thing is the cover and book were awesome. Would be nice if Sony could implement the changing cover somehow, even though simple it looks nice. The book on the other hand while unique might be a bit to much for some who wouldn't really appreciate it and the extra costs of selling every bundle like this wouldn't justify the wow factor.

gaffyh2350d ago

Really really cool press kit, best I've seen. I'm surprised that the Vita comes out undamaged though.

C_Menz2349d ago

Good point, which is probably one of the reasons why they aren't doing that style for the consumer launch. Would suck to have thousands of complaints over something as little as packaging.

BeastOrange2349d ago

For the price we will be paying for the Vita I would hope they all come like that.