Why Windows 8 tablets will beat Android

ExtremeTech: When you look at the tablet landscape, it doesn’t look like a very even battle going on. On one side you’ve got Apple, the Goliath, destroying the competition with its iPad. On the other side of the field you’ve got Android, slumping under Apple’s onslaught, suffering from low sales due to a number of factors, including high prices, low customer awareness (“What’s Android? You mean that Verizon phone? Droid does or whatever?”), and the dreaded fragmentation word.

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mokopa2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

What a crazy article. fragmentation my friend is caused by outdated hardware. This causes old hardware not to support lates OS, i.e. Android ICS. You talk that MS would undercut IOS5 and Android, but you forgot that if IPAD2 is at $500, then all Android and Win8 product related tablets will be priced around $500 by vendors. This is called demand and suppier pricing. Nvidia and AMD do it with their GPUs. This dream that Win8 tablets will be cheap is baseless and will never happen. One thing we must remember also is that all current tablets will more or less be using the same latest ARM CPU. Then there is no way MS can undercut anyone as the hardware cost the same for all, more or less.

C_Menz2377d ago

I could see some Windows 8 tablets being much cheaper than an iPad. MS isn't dumb and they will make Windows 8 on tablets capable of running on a much broader range of hardware specs if they are smart.

Either way they will be facing a tough fight with the iPad/Andriod tablets in control of the high price tablets and Amazon now gobbling up the cheaper tablet market.

BeastOrange2377d ago

Windows will make it up in volume and updates.

southernbanana2377d ago

I've been toying with the Windows 8 developer preview(PC)and think the interface alone will help them gain a decent userbase. Everything is simple to use and flows together nicely when switching between the metro and desktop interfaces. I know the ARM version isn't the same as x86 for obviouse reasons, but that doesn't change the interface and I have really like what I have seen so far. Lenovo showed off an ultra] book at CES that will convert to a tablet. I think this is really interesting because in my opinion current tablets are crippled as far as what you can do with them. These ultrabook/tablet PCs would have all the benefits of the two seperate devices. Sounds neat to me although I wonder what they will be priced at..