Soon You Could Detect Radiation With Your iPhone

Gadgehit writes: "Universal Detection Technology, a leading developer and reseller of biological, chemical, and radiation detection equipment, is working on an iPhone peripheral that allows you to detect radiation levels in food."

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C_Menz2414d ago

I was actually joking wih my friends the other day that we need an app like this since we came across some narly looking stuff. I'm sure those in Japan or near nuclear plants would find this useful.

aDDicteD2414d ago

it'll be very useful indeed

BeastOrange2414d ago

In my opinion if you think you need this app you may want to make moving a higher priority!

C_Menz2413d ago

Well not everyone has the option of doing that. Im sure if someone had the chance of moving out of a potentially radioactive area they would do it, but if you are poor you don't have much of an option.

BeastOrange2413d ago

If you are poor then picking up and leaving might be a better decision. It cant be much different than what you are running from. I would rather be poor and camping for a while than staying and knowing I am poisoning my myself and loved ones. Hard decisions are never easy, but adversity by design is meant to be overcome and learned from. The app is for people who are curious and wish to put themselves as close as they can to danger, while others must live with it.