5 Simple Ways to Avoid Laptop Overheating

TechTeria: 5 Simple and effective ways to avoid Laptop overheating problems and to keep it cool. Check it out now.

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BeastOrange2420d ago

I already do most of these tips and they work well, but its best just to use a laptop when its needed and your PC whenever possible.

kaveti66162419d ago


I use a netbook as my primary computer. Big mistake. The damn thing can't handle two youtube videos. It overheats like crazy. Right now, as I'm typing this, it sounds like a small vacuum.

Luckily, I've ordered computer parts and they will be arriving within the week. I'll have myself a fairly powerful gaming PC with an i7 2600 a GTX 570 and 4 very excellent fans to keep everything nice and cool.

Speed-Racer2419d ago

Most of those tips don't help with today's high powered laptops. The laptop cooling pad might be the only saviour. My XPS always manages to throttle whenever I play games...even with the pad, it's extremely hot. High end laptops just have too much packed in the body, and top that off with custom overclocked video cards.

GanjaMan2419d ago

good thing i have a macbookpro myn have never overheated ;)

Cat2419d ago

my MB will get toasty playing games, so I use iLap.

aDDicteD2419d ago

very nice info. although most of us laptop users already know this steps