Sony Entertainment Network To Replace PlayStation Network

TQcast: It’s now clear why the recent PSN maintenance took place; starting on February 8th, 2012, the PlayStation Network will be replaced with Sony Entertainment Network. A recent e-mail sent to a current PSN user has revealed this. Take a look.

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TheGameFoxJTV2421d ago

So....what does this change?

dvfaa2421d ago

the name.. thats about it lol

TheGameFoxJTV2421d ago

Still, I like the sound of it.

aDDicteD2421d ago

i like PSN , but maybe i'll get used to calling it SEN

2421d ago
gdguide2421d ago

This makes way more sense if Sony wants to branch out outside of the Playstation brand to offer general entertainment, rentals, and so on. Playstation branding has basically been 100% games for so long.