Taiwanese Company Uses Steve Jobs Impersonator in Android Ad

Gadgehit writes: "An electronics manufacturer in Taiwan has hired a Taiwanese Steve Jobs lookalike to promote its new Android tablet."

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gaffyh2330d ago

He looks nothing like him, but everything from the clothes to the stage are very Apple and Jobs-like so it is obviously meant to be him.

Speed-Racer2329d ago

Stuff like this just pissed me off as to how stupid people are. I can pretty much say the asian market is booming because people are suckered into buying this crap. yea they are making technological advancements but i am pretty sure a 5 year old doesn't need an iphone etc etc, while over here people are being more dollar conscious BUT as a result, it hinders growth a bit because money isn't flowing around in the economy. let's not talk about the blatant theft of western demonstrated in this video.

kevnb2329d ago ShowReplies(1)
dilawer2329d ago

what is the purpose of those angel-ish looks [and accessories] ??
He looks nothing like Jobs, Well, after watching the video I have come to the conclusion that he looks more like my D*ck! [You hear that Mr.Penis, You have an angel twin!] xD

gaffyh2329d ago

LOL. Apparently he's a famous comedian over in Taiwan.

fatstarr2329d ago

lol wtf this is funny. Apple is gonna sue them soon. they need all the money in the world to push the master plan.

Fel082329d ago

I find the whole angel outfit kind of disrespectful.

doctorstrange2328d ago

Just an impersonation would have been ok, but that was just tasteless