Jailbreaking exemption law expiring soon

NRM: "Copyright protection for people who jailbreak their iPhones, as to install unauthorized apps and modify the inner workings of the OS, is set to expire soon. In the face of this, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has started asking for signatures on a new petition to renew this jailbreaking exemption law."

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xVeZx2429d ago

so what happens if it doesnt renew?

SquishyGorilla2429d ago

Jailbreaking becomes a crime.

blumatt2429d ago

While some people don't jailbreak for the wrong reasons, the vast majority of people do. People do it usually to play pirated content. Pirating is wrong.

Soldierone2428d ago

@above. pirating is already against the law, thus using it to do that is breaking the law. Why make doing it period against the law?

There is nothing wrong with altering something you buy. After all a majority of Apple's products are just tampered products someone else made anyways.

Speed-Racer2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

@Soldierone - Actually you are wrong to an extent. Yes pirating is against the law but jailbreaking was illegal initially, BUT an exception was made in the DMCA allowing users to jailbreak or root their phones. However the basis is that once you buy the phone, you are buying a lifetime license to use the OS, just like how you would pay a license fee for Windows or Mac iOS. It's still their software and they can dictate how it is used. The main reason being so that users don't hack paid apps. With the exception in place, Apple now voids any phones they find running jailbroken software. If by any chance your phone bricks with Jailbroken software, Apple will not fix it on the grounds that you voided your contract. The minority of users may want to modify their interface, or how a few things work. I think their should be some kind of wingle room to allow for visual or performance edits, but not to bypass paying for apps.

Agent_00_Revan2429d ago

Corporate stupidity would ensue.

clearelite2428d ago

well, on my phone you can't even browse through your sd card without rooting the phone. Imo those kinds of rediculous software restrictions should be illegal, as they are obviously intended to prevent you from loading YOUR OWN CONTENT ON TO YOUR PHONE so you are forced to buy ringtones, etc. from your provider.

kingPoS2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Unfortunately as it stands today a lot of cell/mobile's
won't let you have it your way.

It's either pay for the privilege of ringtones. Or find
one that lets you upload your own custom ringtones instead.

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