A Massive Solar Eruption, the Strongest in 7 Years, Has Earth Bracing for a Radiation Storm

Clay Dillow of PopSci:

"There was a time when one rarely had to worry about incoming doom born of outer space, but that time is not now. Between mysterious space balls, falling satellite after falling satellite after falling satellite, and the buildup to 2013’s solar maximum, the sky seems more threatening all the time these days. Just ask NOAA, which is today warning of the strongest solar storm since 2005 currently en route to Earth, spawned by a massive M8.7 class flare that erupted from the solar surface late last night."

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C_Menz2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I feel bad for my Brother and his family! They were scheduled to fly during this!

GrumpyVeteran2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

True, at high altitudes, if there's a solar flare (depending on class) directed at Earth it can be of some concern to human health.

At ground level, nothing to worry about.

Speed-Racer2435d ago

Most likely flights will be re-routed in areas where there may be more exposure. Delta re-routed some of the transpolar flights for that reason. Can't say for the others.

FriedGoat2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

My Comment below is not at all off topic, If you read the article and the comments section in there people also mention the stupid music over the interesting video. its was indeed relevant.

It has to do with the fact that its a legitimate article but the video has music that invokes a sense of fear randomly from something which we know on this scale is not a threat, perfectly natural and has happened on larger scales than this before.
I was clearly talking about the video therefore it is not "off topic"

Speed-Racer2435d ago

What does "more internet scaremongering" have to do with the discussion?

C_Menz2435d ago


Most videos like this of the sun/planets that astronomers put out have music like this. Just one of those things they do.

Speed-Racer2435d ago

@fried goat - as C_Menz said, the sound is not related to the video and most of these include such type of sound.

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FriedGoat2435d ago Show
MasterD9192435d ago

Well I imagine this certainly will affect satellites and GPS systems...

dcbronco2435d ago

I heard on a radio report that planes have been re-routed or instructed to stay at much lower altitudes. Hopefully it won't hurt your families plans too much.

mafiahajeri2435d ago

Opened this on a new tab I was reading a Darksiders 2 preview and this scary music started on its own I was like o_O" wheres that coming from!

jronj2435d ago

The solar particles released into the magnetosphere could boost the earths gravitational pull and countless Power grids could fail, electricity could be lost for over 150 million people in United States alone.
It could take months to fix all these problems leading to serious social and economic disruptions. Potentially these effects could lead to a loss of governmental control over the situation.
If solar storms hit the magnetosphere strongly enough to flip the earth's magnetic poles. If this were to occur, the Yellowstone Super Volcano which is already overdue to erupt could explode with the power of ten atomic bombs. This could cover United States with ash and block sunlight for months, seriously affecting the growth of all plant life, and thus disrupting the food chain.

FriedGoat2435d ago

uh yeah, its the strongest in 7 years? I don't remember a super volcano going off in 2002. Oh wait that's right your being stupid, just like that scaremongering music in that video.

Getowned2435d ago

lol who knew a fried goat had so much logic.ahh nothing to worry about things will be just fine :D

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