Ericsson cuts the USB cord. Transfer data using your body

NRM: "The cable is archaic, so ways to transfer data without the use of one has been the focal point of many companies. We bet they didn't think of what Ericsson are calling 'capacitive coupling:' using your body to transfer data.

Ericsson's CEO Hans Vestberg demonstrated the technology by touching a smartphone, and upon touching a receiver which was connected up to a TV screen, an image taken on the phone immediately appeared."

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Deadpool6162379d ago

Interesting. Certainly takes the away the trouble of having the right cable. Since you are the cable.

Lord_Sloth2379d ago

*waits for Cancer reports or electric shock before committing*

Still awesome as hell.

Vortex3D2379d ago

If you are in the middle of long data transfer through your body, and the nature calls?

SquishyGorilla2379d ago

Data leakage?
God I'm hilarious...

nilamo2379d ago

It's amazing technology but who still uses USB except for charging. Data transfer has been a lot easier since Blue tooth and other wireless connections methods.

Legion2379d ago

I am assuming you have no idea what is going on in the technology world today? USB is still the favored connection method for the vast majority of devices and will be for some time. Just because other methods are available and might be better doesn't mean that it has been deemed archaic.

I bet you are still wondering why people are using DVDs when Bluray is available too?

RurouniKaze2379d ago

Well said legion, Im really tired of these ignorant fools that also cant seem to remember that maybe some people cant afford all the fnacy crap or just overall find it simpler to use a USB or maybe they live in some country where only USB is available.

This looks cool,but also very harmful to health.
SE makes really shitty stuff. I dont trust them.

nilamo2378d ago

Really are you trying to present yourself as a techwizard? The presentation showed the transfer of a picture taken with a mobile phone to your home screen or pc, I really doubt anyone would use a USB nowadays to do that. It's not like bluetooth or any other wireless option costs more than a USB cable, so the comparison between the DVD and blu ray situation doesn't make any sense.

Legion2378d ago

Techwizard? Far from it. TechGeek??? Guilty as charged. I have always been one of the first to have to get the latest technology regardless of if I had even opened the box of the previous item I had bought.

My comment had nothing to do with the article it had to directly with your statement of "...who still uses USB except for charging." which appeared to be a statement instead of a question due to a lack of a question mark. Seeming to present the case that you knew something more about the current market then the rest of us and have some how deemed all the devices current and forth coming that have USB are some how archaic due to not meeting up with the wireless world that so many people are pushing.

Being very familiar with wireless devices and security myself I can say that direct transfer will for me always bare more weight in my corner due to transfer speed and security then the wireless mode.

As for the DVD, Bluray reference. It was suitable analogical reasoning in this day and age. With the identification of one being thought superior then the other in function and yet not having a strong enough foot hold to take over the market. It was in no way a direct comparison and most people I am sure could see the difference?