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4-Inch Display for next iPhone?

Japanese sources report that Toshiba Mobile Display has partnered with Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display to supply a 4-inch LCD screen for the next iOS device, most likely the next iPhone.

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RonyDean2336d ago

I think this is the one thing that Android devices have over IOS right now. Apple NEEDS to put a 4" screen in the next iPhone.

crxss2335d ago

if it doesn't there's no way i'm getting it. just look at the Galaxy Nexus screen. it'd be even nicer if the iphone 5 had a 4.3" screen. even 4.3 is kinda pushing it and any higher would suck. but with a higher resolution (retina display 2) it would be nice.

Speed-Racer2336d ago

well they have to compare to the android competitors ...hopefully they don't go too big though

TheEatingVodka2336d ago

I'm sick of all those iPhone rumors lol.. They don't come true anyway

Rashonality2335d ago

i'll believe it when i see it

silkrevolver2335d ago

...but I like that it’s less bulky than most androids... form factor is key.

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