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Upgrading From Intel P55 w/ Lynnfield to Intel Z68 w/ Sandy Bridge

Intel released the P55 chip set along with the Lynnfield CPU back in Q3 of 2009 while the Sandy Bridge was released in January of 2011 and followed with the Z68 in Q2 of 2011. This nearly two year gap has seen significant architecture improvements in not only pure performance but also in power consumption. In early 2010 Nvidia announced the new FERMI architecture and started shipping the GTX 480 / GTX 470 in April of that year. By December of that year they had already upgraded their product line with the current top of the heap single GPU GTX 580 card. Now there are always those that must have the latest and greatest no matter how old their current system is but without unlimited funds the rest of us have to be a bit more pragmatic and pick and choose when to upgrade. If you happen to have one of these systems that are only a few years old you are probably wondering about all this new technology and asking yourself "is it worth it?"

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