Mozilla teams up with MS to create ‘Firefox with Bing’

Mozilla has partnered with Microsoft’s Bing to created a customized add-on called ‘Firefox with Bing’, which as is the name suggests, is a totally Bing oriented version of the popular web browser Firefox.

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-Mezzo-2429d ago

Out of all the companies and all the search engines, Firefox had to pic Microsoft & Bing.

nix2429d ago

Google has their own browser.. so they can't do much. with Chrome about to overtake Firefox... they don't have much option left.

But pretty sad they went with MS. or it could be that MS approached Mozilla for the Bing.

skrug2428d ago

umm Internet Explorer?

Micro_Sony2428d ago

Even in a non game related website some people cant hide the PS3 fanboy mentality.

ZOMG MS is evil and Sony is good

-Mezzo-2428d ago

I really don't know why you got the idea that i was hating on "MS" because they made Xbox 360, or because i am a PS3 Fanboy.

Trust me when i say, there are 100's of reason to hate "MS", much, much bigger than 360.

adorie2429d ago

this is ironic on so many levels.

Nolando2429d ago

What is peoples issue with bing, it works pretty well...

mcstorm2428d ago

I agree with you but alot of people dont know about bing and people who dont really know about technology tend to use google as the have heatd google it when talking about searching the web and because web sites like msn yahoo ask dogpile ect never vet talked about this is why people use google. I switched to bing 6 months after it came out as for what i used it for the results were better and for it to now have 14% of the market its massive for ms and with bing being added to windows phone 7 and the 360 its names going to get out there and more and more people will start to use it butgoogle is still the main name used for searchs on the internet amd will be for a few more years yet.

But i also think this is a good move for firefox and ms too.

Speed-Racer2428d ago

God I'm glad to hear people talking some sense around here. A lot of people still associate the new Microsoft with what I call the old Microsoft. A lot has changed since Windows 7.

It also turns out those allegations of Bing copying google's search results were also false, so props to bing on a good job.

mcstorm2427d ago

I know what you mean about people seeing the old ms with the new. I work in it and when vista and office 2007 came out i started looking at lynux and open office because i felt ms were losing there way and when balmer was under the heat with the ms board i agreed with them i wanted him out too but he got the backing of bill and i always wondered why but when i saw office 10 and windows 7 i started to see a change in ms they were shifting there focus and were giving people what they asked for. It started to bring me back on board with them for my main os and office. With phones i was moving to android but i kept seeing the same faults in it as wimo had with it crashing lack of updates ect and then i saw wp7 and it looked different to everything else on the market. Now with the mango update and my htc titan i can say its by far the best phone on the marker for me as it all works with out any problems.
Then ms also shows us kinect and to me this is the big device for them it can be used in so many ways butis also liked into things like bing tellme ect. Yes there are not many core games for it yet but games like forza 4 halo cea me3 ect are starting to show what it can bring to the core but for the none core it is by far the best device to have on the market right now. But there is also more to come withthe new dash out soon will work very well with the controller and kinect in away like never seen before on a console. Then soon we will have windows 8 and i had a play with the build version and even though its far from finished i can see where ms are going to end up with this and it and to me its the biggest change to the windows os since winfows 95 but using the metro us it will work and feel better than an ipad or android tablet as it wil do everything the desktop pc will dp on a tablet where android and ipad cant.
But if you take a step back and look at what ms offer on pc phone and xbox once windows 8 is out they have been putting the peaces togeter and also noone ese can offer what they offer across 3 platforms. Bing, xbox live, zune pass, office, windows live, facebook twitter, linkedin, metro us across all 3 platforms voice control and alot more apple google sony nintendo cn not offer or match all of this ms have been smart in what they have done over he past few years and i only see ms products getting stronger and selling bettrr over the next 24 months.

tarbis2428d ago

Fuck Bing. it's a crappy biased search engine. If you try to search for anything PS3 related it will give you crap but when it's about Xbox you'll get tons.

aviator1892428d ago

I've been a bing user for quite some time now, I own both a ps3 and a 360 and I search for games for both platforms on bing. And you know something...your statement has no validity to it at all.

Go ahead, search for uncharted or god of war or anything ps3-related. You get ps3 info, the game-related info and news, and everything's relevant to your search items.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I believe you're a fanboy of some sort. Just throwing that out there.

tarbis2428d ago

Bing is the only search engine we're allowed to use in our office and we do not have any choice but to use that piece of shit.

I never said I won't get any PS3 info, I said it gives me crap info. gives me better searches than Bing.

I believe you better go back to elementary school, and learn how to read again.

Johnny Jiron2428d ago

could you give an example? I tried every possible search that may have bias, but really didnt see much difference in results...
I don't ever really use Bing myself cept when I was using it to score free MS Points when it first arrived.

aviator1892428d ago

If you want to prove your point so badly here, why not dishing out some examples?
If you can't do that for multiple search items, then I can't help but to not take you seriously.