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Steve Jobs: What an A**hole

Digital Music Life: "If nice guys finish last, then perhaps Steve Jobs is the type of guy who finishes first. This morning, we've been thumbing through the just-released Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, one that profiles a relentless perfectionist, a brilliant innovator, and a tough personality with incredible consumer instincts. A guy who changed the world."

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Claude2398d ago

Some interesting facts here.

thebudgetgamer2398d ago

How many billionaires are nice guys.

-Mezzo-2396d ago

Bill Gates.....A Nice Guy...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

fatstarr2393d ago

bill gates really is a nice guy.

Lord_Sloth2398d ago

Most famous people ARE asses. To get where they are (or were) they have to step on so many peeps.

SnakeCQC2397d ago

wow some new insight /s

Fel082397d ago

The guy was a great innovator, but everybody knows Steve Jobs was arrogant and kind of a douche.

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