New MacBook Pro Lineup Brings Faster Processor and Bigger Hard Drives

As many rumours floating around the internet were stating, a MacBook Pro refresh was imminent and has finally taken place. Apple has given their entire lineup a minor processor speed bump and larger hard drives (for the 13″) while the 4GB RAM and it’s clock speed still remain the same as well as the graphics cards. While this bump up isn’t as big as the refresh back in February 2011, it is stills a good bump for people who have been meaning to get a MacBook Pro.

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fatstarr2430d ago

I thought these have been out since for ever...

azizmb2428d ago

Nope. Early 2011 came out in February 2011 and the Late 2011 lineup came out on October 24th 2011.

naughtyngga2422427d ago

still no hdmi port still no blu-ray drive. @ the prices your chargeing these stuff should be standard apple