Microsoft's Youtube Channel Has Been Hacked

Microsoft's Youtube channel has been recently hacked. All their old videos have been deleted and the hacker on the new account seems ot be offering some sort of sponsership.

The hacker claims he has done nothing wrong

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Speed-Racer2430d ago

Wow and they removed pretty much all the previous videos. Owned.

Madusha2430d ago

Microsoft only has 24,000 subs? Don't think too many people will even notice.

TheEatingVodka2429d ago

Yeah.. You really think that only people that subscribe watch their videos?
I'm not even registered to youtube yet I keep watching videos so think before you talk

Madusha2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Yeah true that but subs also provide a good measure of this. The more subscribers means obviously the more popular the channel which means more people without YouTube accounts / those who do not want to subscribe will be watching. Also, the new videos uploaded by the hacker will most likely only be noticed by subscribers as the videos have nothing do with Microsoft. Think again ;)

SKUD2429d ago

This can be a full time job for him cleaning up 90% of the crap uploads to youtube. Such a waste of resources.

-Mezzo-2423d ago

Hacking a Youtube account seems to be getting easier day by day, but still this isn't as bad as that sick person who hacked "Sesame Street" YouTube channel and uploaded Porn.