Android Chief Says Your Phone Should Not Be Your Assistant

Andy Rubin thinks there is a lot of potential for phones to be more useful companions, but says he is not interested in turning Android devices into personal assistants.

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Buff10442403d ago

Here we go. He's just bitter is all. Bitter his company didn't do it.

Speed-Racer2403d ago

Well I see him trying to counter the fact that Android doesn't have it, but at the end of the day, people are becoming so dependent on software and mobile devices to do stuff for them. I'm guessing the day will come when the future generation can't read a map (because they are told where to turn), or can't do any real research, because Siri or w/e answers for them. I'm just saying this outside of this bubble.

Fel082402d ago

Me and a friend were talking about that yesterday. All these technology is great, but at the same time, it is dumbing down our society, especially the youth.

heroicjanitor2402d ago

Statistics show that children are actually getting smarter, probably because they are shown more problems to solve these days. Figuring stuff out on computers is probably a big part of that.

iNFAMOUZ12402d ago

that the future for ya, buddy we have come to a stage in our lives where the true pioneers who know the world at least better than the youth before us are the only ones left. Soon I can totally imagine seeing people just sitting on their butts just talking on the phone while the car just drives to the place all they gotta do is drive and leave and talk, no more looking around gasping because you missed that turn you thought would take you to walmart lol...

Speed-Racer2402d ago

Indeed. That is the sad reality. Guess we have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Madusha2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

The little girl that thinks a magazine is a broken iPad is a great example of this. Not really showing any 'dumbing down' but it shows how technology is evolving. Also, many kids don't know what the heck a cassette player is. Just like this, I can imagine the day when the word research becomes talking to your phone or computer.

ngecenk2402d ago

its just funny that this statement came from someone carrying google's flag. right now, i cant even imagine how i can finish my paper without google's help. library? yeah right!

i think he just tried to pull down the siri euphoria. and im pretty sure soon enough they'll catch up with that.

FlameBaitGod2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Yes, its ridiculous.

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DOOMZ2402d ago

Bah, bring on the iPhone5!

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