Windows 7 is More Popular than Windows XP

Windows 7 has finally surpassed the Windows XP and has become the most used operating system in the world. This is indicated by recent statistics by StatCounter. Windows 7 now owns 41.74% stake in the operating system market, while Windows XP only 39.97%.

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adeelawan2412d ago

By the way, the next operating system from Microsoft – Windows 8 should be out until early next year. Therefore the most likely Windows 7 will remain leader for some time (and perhaps they will remain until the Windows 9x).

fatstarr2411d ago

its about time windows 7 surpassed XP. i think Microsoft did some sort of upgrade package because my school and workplace have all updated to windows 7 suddenly.
and osx is growing a lot but not enough to be a big threat yet.

on a daily basis I think I see 4 macs a day vs last year when I saw less than 1.

windows 8 probably has a 1% share by now I have it on 2 of my computers and so do allot of people that i know.