Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked Specs Are Impressive

There have been quite a few rumors popping up with regards to the unannounced Samsung Galaxy S III, but this one takes the cake. If to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S III is gearing up to rape and pillage everything in its sights next year. Competitors best pray to the heavens, because if 2012 isn’t the end of the world, it would surely be the end of them.

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Anarki2418d ago

It's obviously fake. The grammar and spelling is so off in that presentation. Come on, Samsung is a billion $ company. They wouldn't make such stupid mistakes as "Copiying". There is a severe lack of professionalism in this whole presentation.

fatstarr2417d ago

I hope samsung comes out with a tricore or quadcore phone. the s-III will be epic and i might buy it day 1. fake or not it got my blood boiling and me excited.