First Wave Of Nokia’s Windows Phones Specs Leaked

After the official announcement about Nokia-Microsoft partnership for the Windows Phones, many have speculated about what will be called as the first generation of Nokia’s Windows Phones. We can search through the web to get lots of photos and images of the future Nokia phones, some even accompanied with a specs prediction, or perhaps I should call it as a “specs wishlist”

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-Mezzo-2389d ago

These phones are really looking promising, but so did Nokia N8.

I hope they are not yet another let down.

kaozgamer2387d ago

The n8 is a pretty good phone. It was the os that let everyone down. Symbian Belle is looking really good. the n8 would have been a massive success if it came with symbian belle at launch

techlover2388d ago

I just hope not should not make it's phone complicated in order to get them Advance