Steve Jobs Was Not God

So, Steve Jobs is dead. A tech genius has passed on. Sad. Certainly a devastating loss to Steve Jobs' close friends and family members, as well as to Apple executives and shareholders. The rest of you? Calm down.

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Madusha2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

He is the god of all things Apple. The iGod.

A sad article by Gawker. Steve was an icon of the industry which is why his death was moaned by so many. Also the face behind all iDevices weather he invented them or not.

"But this type of one-upmanship of public displays of grief is both unbecoming and undeserved." -_^


Anarki2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Reasonable products, but products kind of suck if the prices are too high, in which Apple are guilty for.
If I agree with this article, does this make me a bad person? :s

-Mezzo-2446d ago

WOW, i guess someone couldn't come up with a better article to fill up that empty space on the Web Page.

Seriously, This Article was Unnecessary.

Shackdaddy8362446d ago

Really not necessary... Steve Jobs died and people are paying their respect.

noprin2446d ago

this article was waste of time...

duplissi2446d ago

I agree with this article. Steve jobs was a great man with great drive and vision and it is sad that he has died. I believe the author is merely expressing frustration that people far more deserving of such praise often die with little or no notice from us, yet all you need to do is make a few liked devices and everyone loves you..... wee bit fucked up if you ask me. Alas it is the sad truth thatour culture places value in all the wrong places.

Oh well.

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