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Samsung To Pay Microsoft $10 Per Android Handset

hackslurp writes-"Yes, Microsoft is trying out new ways to get rich ! Whatever you may call this, I call this bullying.

Microsoft is pushing Samsung to pay $10 for every Android handset they manufacture."

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contra1572396d ago

With bing losing 1bil a quarter they will need those funds

altairahmad2396d ago

Microsoft has turned into a selfish crap !

Sahil2395d ago

This article is painting Microsoft as a fat lazy dude sitting on a pile of patents (for things he thought up by chance one day and decided to patent), strong arming and bullying poor little innocent companies into paying him money they don’t owe him.

In reality, Microsoft would have spent heaps of money in R&D developing these patents, and then Google comes along, says to itself “hey, that’s a fancy idea” and implements it into it’s own ‘free’ product without paying Microsoft a cent. Now all of Microsoft’s hard work is being used and companies are making a huge profit off of them. Of course Microsoft is entitled to a share of the profits from these products! They’re the ones who spent money developing them!

At least they’re not pulling an apple and trying to have all Samsungs android phones banned…