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Amazon's Kindle Fire: Five Reasons Apple Should Worry

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Apple, normally the center of attention, will have to step aside this week and let Amazon hog the spotlight.

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Prophet-Gamer2432d ago

But my question is, who would pay that much for an E-Reader. I know the iPad is expensive but it does much, much more than just read books. I never got the hype around the Kindle.

Captain Tuttle2432d ago

The Fire isn't just an e-reader, it's a full blown tablet.

Awesome-Xanto2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

But it does more than a just a E-Reader. It does music, internet, movies, games, books, and apps. Pretty much the standard stuff you would expect from a tablet. It's not as flashy as an iPad but it does what most people would want.

I wanted something mostly for reading, music, an internet when I can't get on my PC for various reasons. I have an iPod but its to small for reading, but this fits perfects for what I would want it for and is a lot cheaper than the iPad and will offer me most of what the iPad offers.

So I have per-ordered one...

EDIT: Late reply!

Prophet-Gamer2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Yea, please ignore my above comment, I researched a bit and I feel like a fool know. Sorry guys.

Anyways, now that I know a bit more, I can see why this is a good thing. First and foremost, the price is really good and secondly, the Kindle is well know so it may just provide Apple with some badly needed competition.

thebudgetgamer2432d ago

Every time some one tries to compete with apple there is always a should apple be worried. Then apple destroys it.