The First Quantum PC Is Now Available For Purchase

Not too long ago, quantum information technology was something Sci-Fi, not to mention the fact that the concepts of "quantum" and "quantum science" are still very strange terms for some. But things are slowly changing.

D-Wave, a company that studies almost exclusively quantum computer technology, has managed to launch the first 128-qubit processor computer after several years of research. The company named the computer "D-Wave One". The price tag is not available yet and people can find out how much the computer costs only after they have contacted the company’s sales department. Some features are worth mentioning.

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mmPete2464d ago

This looks amazing. Not something I would but, but definitely a step forwards in computer technology.

Sahil2464d ago

Nice.. PC Geeks must be going crazy about this.. lol

Guitardr852464d ago

When you realize that the human brain runs on a quantum level, coupled with the advancement of synthetic neruonal computation (google SYNAPSE IBM computer), this has potential far far beyond home computing...

malol2464d ago

the question is
can it run crysis ?

pandehz2464d ago

hahahahahaha... good question

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