iPhone app holds the secret to £2000 of Buried Gold

Candid Innovations, a UK based developer have buried £2000 worth of gold sovereigns somewhere in the U.K. The route to the secret location of this treasure is hidden inside an iPhone application, which is about to hit the App store. There’s no clue about what that app may be, or when it will be released, but chances are, it will be a puzzle-solver, solving some clues will get you to the location.

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Sahil2644d ago

I wish i was living in the UK, I love treasure hunting ;)

Shackdaddy8362643d ago

Meh. Those kind of treasure hunts get solved within an hour by extremely smart guys. Good for them but it would be a waste of time to even try.

Maybe for the challenge, you can try to find the hole they hid the treasure in...

gaffyh2643d ago

GREAT idea for an app, the will probably make more than this much just based on the sales of the app.

Sahil2643d ago

yeah.. within a week or something, people like this kind of stuff.