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How Many Apps Do You Really Need? Are Most Android Apps Garbage?

Bright Hub: With over 250,000 apps available in the Android Market you should be spoilt for choice, but the truth is most Android apps are worthless. Think about it – how many apps do you actually use on a regular basis? Considering the massive number of apps in the Android Market it’s pretty clear that a lot of them are not being used.

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Strongfist362670d ago

The same can be said about any platform really. It's not about being garbage because there are alot of great apps out there, its about the fact that we only use certain apps religiously.

fatstarr2669d ago

coldnt have said it better my self.

shovel ware is the coined term for it its noticed heavy on android because its a lawless land for the most part. but when you look deeply you find tons of hidden gems.

quik pic is one of my favorite aps it displays pictures you take instantly and efficiently. I had to tell a friend to get it the other day because his android pic browser was taking ages to show a picture.