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Samsung Announces High-performance 512GB SSDs

Gadgehit writes: "Samsung has announced a new line of high-performance high-density SSDs with up to 512GB of data storage. The new high-performance PM830 SSDs support the Serial ATA Revision 3.0 interface with data transmissions at six gigabits per second (6Gb/s). "

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IronFist2684d ago

No price? :( Nice to see that these are getting to a decent size now.

gaffyh2684d ago

Seems like they haven't announced a price yet, but yeah the sizes are getting to a point where it actually might be worth buying one of these. I probably would consider getting one for my PS3, but then again I have a feeling that this 512GB SSD will be super-expensive. Probably 5x more than a HDD equivalentt.

TVippy2683d ago

There's absolutely no point in buying this particular SSD for a PS3 since the console can't use SSDs effectively and only has SATA1 onboard. And yes, it will be super expensive, 10-15x more I'd say.

gaffyh2683d ago

Dunno about that, I've got a WD Scorpio Black 320GB in my PS3, and it says it's SATA2, and it works fine. But yeah, I have a feeling it will be incredibly expensive.

guitar_nerd_232683d ago

It should work, just default to the lowest speed and so be largely pointless- I think...

Bolts2683d ago

If this thing cost $500 then it's useless to me.