Battle of Electric Cars [infographic]

Electric vehicles have their advantages and disadvantages that most people don't realize. This infographic gives a breakdown of what they are as well as the history of electric cars.

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fatstarr2698d ago

Another great infographic, i wonder if electric cars will ever make it mainstream. i wonder if anyone knows much about the water powered car the designer was assassinated because it was going to change the world.

smurfz2698d ago

What?! I'd never heard of that. I'll have to try and find that story.

fatstarr2698d ago

i saw it a while back its pretty old.

some say its real some say its a hoax but the tech exists and so do the patents.

this was the one who was mysteriously poisoned in 98 and his equipment/test engines/models and work went missing.

but that didn't stop his work water powered cars exist but they aren't mainstream yet.

Sorry for the conspiracy theory.

khamvongsa092697d ago

In my personal opinion, electric vehicles will probably get really big if the "standard" batteries for most EVs get 200 mile range or if the price of petrol skyrockets to about $6USD per gallon. I still think electric vehicles are the future but there has to be a good reason for someone to chose an EV due to the fact that the infrastructure is just not there yet...

caseh2697d ago

'if the price of petrol skyrockets to about $6USD per gallon'

That made me lol :D

Here in the UK at the moment it is approx. $10 a gallon (4.5 litre). Although US gallon is 3.7 litre so its a bit less than $10 you guys don't know how good you have it in regards to fuel prices!

fatstarr2697d ago

@ caseh lol the economy is in tatters and everything is broken. 4.19 a gallon is the least of our problems.

and aren't UK cars more fuel efficient?

SKUD2698d ago

The Honda FCX Clarity is a major step in the right direction. Were just not there yet with battery technology. I got lucky and saw one of these on the road. Looks just like normal car you can buy today. Just my opinion of course.