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HTC Sense 3.0 VS Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 – Battle of Android 2.3 UI’s

The latest iterations of both these custom UI’s are relatively new, and each one is responsible from promoting the flag ships of one of the manufacturers. This comparison is made in a HTC Sense 3.0 vs. the Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 match, were both UI’s are put to the ultimate test. The models that will undergo comparison are the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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duplissi2796d ago

yep... or to deviate as little as possible like cyanogenmod.

toaster2796d ago

Sense is horrible, I really don't like it that much at all. Considering that, it's strange that my favorite phones are HTC.... LOL. Just strip off Sense and you have some of the best designed and ergonomic phones on the market (in my opinion).

SerbanSilviu2796d ago

Actually, I bought a Nexus S just because HTC's went with Sense. The S runs faster because its stripped of all UI's.

michass82796d ago

well I had the HTC desire with Sense on it (previous version). And to be honest it was better and much more user friendly than the Touch Wiz in my Samsung... but yeah device was slower because of it...

Cyorg2796d ago

Cyanogenmod 7 with launcherpro is the best... IMHO.

Highlife2796d ago

CM7 with GO Launcher is the best IMHO

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