iPhone 5 Coming to Sprint and T-mobile

Recently, the great iphone rumor mill has been going and if you know this than you probably know what those rumors are. In short, the Iphone 5 will have a bigger screen, a dual-core A5 processor, a bigger camera, it will run iOS 5, the case will once again be completely redesigned with a “tear drop” tapered bottom, it will feature a curved display like the Nexus S, it will be released in September, it will feature a physical keyboard. Some of these rumors sound feasible and some sound ridiculous (*cough* keyboard, complete redesign).

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Darkspade2549d ago

This is old News, Iphone 5 will be unlocked so any carrier can use it.. It's the only way apple can even try to keep up with Android.. Apple sucks!!!

Kyur4ThePain2549d ago

And yet, this news seems to have upset you a little.
It's ok...

Speed-Racer2549d ago

Well it's the author's opinion. These aren't real rumors, but more speculation. Whether is it good or bad speculation is up to you.

spunkee3112548d ago

Apple > Android. Android just copied every little thing Apple did.

pinkyxyz2548d ago

hell yeah they did!!! especially features like flash and unlocked day 1.....oh wait??

gedapeleda2548d ago

Android is better for one big reason(Open source)

maddfoxx2548d ago

Nah, I would rather have a more durable phone that wont break when you drop it.

Speed-Racer2548d ago

So go with Android lol. They are much more durable than the iPhones. I have to treat mine like it's glass compared to my N1 which stands up to falls more easily.

Sahil2548d ago

Don't care i switched to at&t last month :)

michass82548d ago

Cool this will be nice device :)

lugia 40002548d ago

I love it how they release a new iphone each year. This is getting worse than the call of duty series.

keabrown792548d ago

pot meet kettle... Because like there isn't a new droid, droid x, evo, galaxy S, each year either... Hell android phones are way worse about multi year releases.

Shackdaddy8362548d ago

You don't have to buy one each year. I see it as an option to get the latest hardware if you need a new phone.

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