Apple iPhone 5 to be major update after all; announcement and availability in August?

BGR: While Apple has indeed been giving some developers access to a device known as the iPhone 4S — an iPhone 4 with upgraded internals — BGR has independently confirmed that the next-generation iPhone will not merely be an upgraded iPhone 4 as had been previously rumored.

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TheFact0032493d ago

No shit, with new Androids releasing every week, they can't afford to wait another year.

FlashXIII2493d ago

Yet it will still be released below par next to the the top line Android phones, cost more and sell better.. sad times!

Corepred42493d ago

Get off of Android's D.. they aren't in another league like you people like to think, lol.

FlashXIII2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Well I owned an iphone 3gs and upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S2.. that phone isn't in another league to the iphone, it's in another galaxy!

Granted the apple app store is superior, in terms of mobile phone features and customization, android phone wins by a country mile.

I'm sure many tech people would agree with me. I'd say you need to get off Apple's D and stop being so heavily influenced by buzz.

CryofSilence2492d ago

If so, it's mine--day one. (Upgrade is now available)

Winkle922493d ago

I've owned both an android and an iphone and while the android has more powerful hardware, the iphone has better apps and entertainment features. Getting a simple movie to play on an android is a nightmare. Which just goes to show, sometimes it isn't how much you have, it's how you use it.

Speed-Racer2493d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Android is still raw and more for the techies than the every day user.

Edit - I have a Nexus One and it works fine with all vids.

FlashXIII2492d ago

Don't know what android phone you had.. on my phone I just load up the "videos" app and all my movies (including mkv files) were there to play.

sourav932492d ago

What android phone have you got?? I play movies on my phones (Desire HD and Sensation) just fine. Plus I also have a 3gs so I am able to compare. Not much of a difference.

Sahil2490d ago

Yeah.. there isn't much difference.. just diff. names.

mcstorm2493d ago

Well Apple new need to start upping the game with there iPhone with android growing fast and with windows phone mango update and Nokia at the end of the year they are not going to have it all there own way. Alot of people I have spoken to have said they are getting bored with the iPhone as it is not really much different to the orignal iPhone in terms of how it looks and how you use it and they want a chane and are looking at a android or windows phone when there contract is up as well as the contracts in the UK any way being expensive for what you get and you also have to put money towards the phone where the top of the line windows phone and android are free more texts calls and data for less money.

The iPhone is still a good seller but I think over the next few years it will be slipping down the market unless they start to match the android and windows phone in specs and software.

clearelite2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Android is already the number one mobile OS in the world on smartphones. The Iphone has sold very well so far though. When the first iphone came out it didn't really have much competition from androids in that class. Things have changed much since then. I'm not really sure windows phone is in the running at this moment, at least from my personal experience. Everyone I know is either on Android or iphone as far as I know. Also, some of the androids are now just as sleek like you were saying and the iphone isn't the most stylish smart phone anymore necessarily.

Contracts are rather expensive here in the states too, with the hidden charges and all. Win phone isn't for me but I guess they are still relevant.

mcstorm2492d ago

I agree with you android is the number 1 in the world at the moment and they are starting to take over iphone world wide but here in the uk the iphone is still number one but android is catching it up fast. But with looking at themobile market and seeing what the ms android and apple are doing i do see windows phone being a big player. If you look up what the mango update offers to the windows phone platform and look how ms are starting to tie windows pc os xbox and windows phone into each other it could work very well for them. But Nokia will have a big part of this too in europe nokia are still the biggest mobile company in terms of sales and with them moving to the windows phone platform itcould work out very well for them.

But i do see apple android and windows phone being the top 3 phones in terms of sales in the next 18 months.

Sahil2490d ago

Don't think august wud be a good time.. maybe OCT/NOV.