Wii U Dev Kits are Coming

The next generation of Wii U dev kits will be on the way to developers in either June or July. Gary Dunn, Sega’s MD of development, has revealed that, while the units are going to be out soon, they’re still not sure how powerful they’ll be.

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Anarki2559d ago

Nintendo did good with the Wii... they kind of failed with this though..

Mr_Anderson2559d ago

Remember all the hate for EVERYTHING Wii before its launch? The name alone was enough for most people to write it off. Add to that the glorified Gamecube rhetoric and it was doomed from the start. At least until everybody bought one and they were selling like crazy then it died down.

michass82559d ago

I have Wii and sometimes it is good, not using much, but the Wii U Device might be cool, but don't think will buy it...