Apple announces iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match

Engadget: Apple has just announced its long-awaited cloud-based music service: iTunes in the Cloud. While not a streaming music service as some had speculated, it will let you download any music you've purchased to all of your devices at no additional charge -- something Steve Jobs notes is a first for the music industry. It can also automatically download all new purchases made on other devices, with music able to be pushed to up to ten devices -- like the other nine apps that make up iCloud, it's completely free, and a beta version will be available today.

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snoop_dizzle2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

What makes this interesting isn't necessarily the service itself, but that they are supposedly going to match all the songs in your library that they can find, including non-iTunes purchases. This could potentially mean that even songs people may have pirated would have a legal copy in the cloud. To get the music industry to agree with this, is a pretty big thing.

The other advantage is that you don't have to upload your music unless it can't find the particular song or copy. I'm currently in the Google Music Beta, and it's good, but I'm still uploading my music, and it's likely it wont be free in the future. Cloud music storage is about to get very interesting this year.