NATO fears Anonymous, Wikileaks as "threat to member-states' security"

NATO leaders have been warned that Wikileaks-loving 'hacktivist' collective Anonymous could pose a threat to member states' security, following recent attacks on the US Chamber of Commerce and defence contractor HBGary - and promise to 'persecute' its members.

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zoks3102575d ago

They brought way too much attention to themselves by stealing the personal info of 75 million PSN users, and for what, so they can promote piracy?

ANON is a big failure, like the story of Kid Icarus they got too close and now its time to burn them. No one is above the law.

INehalemEXI2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Depends on the law, there have been some really dumb laws made.

thtruth5742575d ago

Don't defend them. There are things that don't need to be leaked. We don't need military strategies and what not out there for all to see. We live in a place where information provides the most advantage to our govt and If we like the place we live we shouldn't try to sabotage it.

Perkel2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

well you should consider that arab revolution started because of Wikileaks.

A lot of countries dropped their despotic leaders.

Thanks to Wikileaks we know that Army killed Reuters reporters back then in IRAQ not "terrorists" so 2 more kids in that event.

Hiding truth about failtures isn't "GOOD" or "it must be that way".

AS of anon as i remember only recent Sony hacking made them bad guys.

HBGary was punished because they tried to sell wrong information to FBI. Also thanks to this event we know That HB GAry worked for Gov to attack wikileaks site.

I don't see who is good side. It's sea of greyness.

vigilante or people who hide their fu)kups ? Who is good ?

IMO people looking for other people hiden dirt are more good than people with dirt.

dcbronco2575d ago

There are far bigger threats to us than Anons. I would rather have Anons releasing all information instead of having our government and companies releasing false or no information. I like to make my own decisions. Not have other decide what's best for me. And if something is done wrong by a company or government. Somebody needs to say something. They don't tell on themselves. And their dirt creates the problems, not people finding out about the dirt. So maybe they should try being more fair and honest.

xabmol2575d ago


You are making sense. Stop that!

artsaber2575d ago

Until the last knock at your door is Seal Team Six. lol We know it won't be them, but very well anti-cyberterrorism agencies.

ProGrasTiNation2569d ago

F! nato & all the powers that be that think they own us!!
Anonymous do good work in bringing attention to topics that would other wise float past the sheep of the world.
Just because the media tell you Anon is bad you all jump on board,go look at the facts before their gone of the web forever.
& wikileaks is one of the few true journilistic media's left so!!Yea! F U nato