Fans recreate GTA's Liberty City in Google Maps Street View

Dedicated fans have recreated Grand Theft Auto (GTA) IV's Liberty City by taking thousands of screenshots and uploading them to Google Maps Street View. This means if you're feeling nostalgic and want to visit the city without launching the whole game, you can now cruise through it straight from your browser: Liberty City Map.

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fatstarr2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

ok wow that takes alot of effort, that is awesome. they have out done their selves with this one. A+ work

if you want to see the map

Sahil2309d ago

"80,000 screen shots" man.. that is one hell of a tribute to the developers, great game!

fatstarr2308d ago

yea man it took time probably more time to make this than to make the Google maps. that's whats funny about this to me.

fatstarr2308d ago

techspy should do some type of thing like this. i wonder what game everybody here plays?

Sahil2308d ago

we have to check out N4G for that :)

fatstarr2308d ago

i dont think we could get everyone together to do something like that haha they are busy arguing over ps3 and 360 which is better.