Corsair introduces low-profile Vengeance memory

Corsair's product range might be getting bigger year by year, but the manufacturer isn't forgetting its roots and is expanding its range of memory solutions with the launch of the Vengeance LP.

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Sahil2522d ago

Man.. what's up with CORSAIR, they are launching a hell of a lot things this year :D

fatstarr2522d ago

yea they are starting to dominate in alot of categories now. i give them power supplies and cpu coolers with the h50-100 series.

Sahil2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

certainly.. they are the king in CPU Coolers, i only buy from them.. :D

fatstarr2522d ago

yea the h50 to me is one of the best cheap coolers on the market. if it didnt take so much to install it on my rig i woulda out it on there. but knowing me and ESD trying to change my cooler would just mess me up.