Music Player for Dropbox Users

Amazon recently launched their music service, Amazon Cloud Player, but you do not need to move your entire music collection over to Amazon to listen to music through your browser. If your collection is already available via Dropbox, you can access your music using the music service DropTunes.

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toaster2581d ago

I store music on Dropbox and it's really great that I can just open a track in the browser or share it with a friend. Sometimes my friends ask me for ringtones or a track sample so it's easiest to just drop it into the folder in Explorer and let it sync.

Sahil2580d ago

One problem with this....Does anyone else get weirded out by the fact that when you play a song it stores a temp file in your dropbox? And when you stop playing the song it doesn't delete it....

toaster2580d ago

I don't see any temp files..

Sahil2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

I have iPad and it sounds weird but it does create a temp file when i play a song and never goes away, I have to delete it myself.. I don't know i've stopped using it now as i have to delete it every single time i play a song..

toaster2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

That's strange. I'm pretty sure the iPad app is the same sa the Dropbox app for iPhone/iPod with a few GUI updates, when I play music files iPod Dropbox doesn't create any temp files.

fatstarr2581d ago

thats pretty cool, id consider using this but im waiting for that thing that Google announced a while ago where you could play any song on your computers in real time over the network to your android device.

imo why would i use this vs going to project play list, youtube or dozens of other sites?

shadowon2581d ago

If you want to stream directly from your computer to your Android you should try

In addition to WiFi it also works on 3G, and it just works, no upload of mp3 files, just the playlists :)

Sahil2580d ago

Hey.. one of my friends suggested this to me, didn't try it though :)

fatstarr2580d ago

Ill look into this one, once i set my music collection up i will start the streaming. but hopefully google does deliver what they promised with the default android streaming service.

shadowon2579d ago

You should, it actually got updated today with even more features. The app looks amazing :)